SilkPeel Dermalinfusion – $90

Advanced Aesthetic Technology SilkPeelDermalinfusion is a new form of dermabrasion that provides non-invasive exfoliation and the delivery of skin specific infusion solutions under pressure. Unlike traditional technologies that rely on messy crystals or other irritating particles, SilkPeelDermalinfusion’s diamond tip head evenly abrades the skin to a depth of 30 microns, exfoliating damaged skin cells while delivering targeted infusion solutions deep into the skin.Safe and Painless Topical Delivery Clinically-Validated Technology.
To understand how SilkPeel works, it helps to know a little about how the patented hand piece works. The interchangeable treatment head and treatment tips are made from medical-grade diamonds and are available in several sizes and textures. When the hand piece is brought into contact with the skin, a vacuum is formed that functions to pull the tissue through the plastic tip and into contact with the treatment head. As the hand piece is drawn over the skin, the treatment head simultaneously exfoliates and infuses the condition-specific serums deep into the skin. Using a Closed-Loop Vacuum system the dermal infusion system evenly abrades the superficial epidermal layer of the skin in a safe procedure that allows for even treatment across the entire surface of the treatment area. The current family of solutions consists of four formulas to treat conditions such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines and tired dehydrated skin.

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