Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment – $90

Unlucky with acne?
Does your acne get worse the more you try to fix it?
Afects 1 in 5 men, women and children in Australia. Each of us can get the occasional pimple, but not everyone gets ‘acne’ a seemingly uncontrollable process of perpetual irritation, oiliness, congestion and unsightly angry blemishes.

Sometimes the more we try to stop this cycle, the worse it becomes.? Our acne programs have an 80% success rate and we have a range of options to help.
The aim of our acne programs are to:

Clear existing break-outs
Relieve congestion that causes new break-outs
Prevent new break-out
Clear blemishes, redness and the area affected
Prevent visible skin damage and scarring
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Each acne program is tailor-made for the individual client and may contain a number of treatment modalities. It may include some or all of the following:

Essential Home Care Products
IPL/Laser Treatments
All of our staff: doctors, nurses and dermal technicians are trained in a uniform approach to the analysis and resolution of acne. We provide professional education programs in acne management throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We devise a personalised acne management plan for each patient tailored to address their specific concerns.

Acne can be resolved through unblocking pores,? releasing oil build up and through the removal of factors that drive the cycle of irritation, oiliness, congestion and blemishes.

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